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2020 High Sierra Regatta   July 11-12 & 18-19

Notice of Race and HSR Information

Available on the High Sierra Regatta Page

Latest News

Take a Look at ABC30's Video Report on the High Sierra Regatta

2019 High Sierra Regatta Results

HSR Results Can Be Seen under the High Sierra Regatta tab.

FYC's 2019 High Sierra Regatta Trophy Winners

Jerry Hansen - San Juan 21 - 1st place

Rod Hansen - San Juan 21 - 2nd Place

Waine Aalto - San Juan 21 - 3rd Place

Jason Rinker - San Juan 21 - 4th Place

Scooter Holmes - Victory 21 - 1st Place

Matt Bonander - Victory 21 - 4th Place

Ken Nelson - PHRF - 1st Place

David Samson - PHRF - 2nd Place

John Scarborough - PHRF - 3rd Place

2020 Schedule of Events
The 2020 Schedule of Events has been finalized and 
available to view or download.  
Upcoming Events
Mar 14th - Crescent Moon  Millerton 11:00am
Apr 16th - Spring Social -To Be Announced
Apr 18th - Opening Series 1,2,3 - Millerton 2:00pm
Apr 29th - Wet Wednesday #1 - Millerton 6:30pm
May 6th - Wet Wednesday #2 - Millerton 6:30pm
May 13th - Wet Wednesday #3 - Millerton 6:30pm
May 16th - Spring Series 1,2,3 - Millerton 3:00pm
May 20th - Wet Wednesday #4 - Millerton 6:30pm
May 27th - Wet Wednesday #5 - Millerton 6:30pm
2020 Board of Directors

Commodore                                   Steen Skjellerup

Vice Commodore                           Jason Rinker

Rear Commodore                          Dan Lombardi

Secretary                                         Dave Keran

Treasurer                                         Julie Mattern

High Sierra Chairman                   Bob Comstock

Fleet Captain                                  Peter Reynaud

Millerton Lake Port Captain         Jorgen Clausen

Huntington Lake Port Captain    Nat Gilgersleeve

Senior Staff Commodore             Vacant

Junior Staff Commodore              Daniel Irwin

A Selection of Class Starts from the 2nd
Weekend of the 2017 High Sierra Regatta
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