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2021 High Sierra Regatta

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Club Racing 2021

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Lewis Wagoner & Francis Samson - 2 Pillars of the FYC

Former FYC Commodore, Friend and Competitor Lewis Wagoner passed away last year, but because of Covid the family was not able to hold a proper memorial service until now.  There will be a service on Saturday July 24th at Grace Bible Church:  100 Rodeo Drive in Arroyo Grande. 

Please RSVP to Ron Wagoner at 559-977-0465 if you plan to attend.

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2021 Schedule of Events
Upcoming Events
7/17 & 7/18. High Sierra Regatta  2nd Weekend
8/7  NYN Series #2.  12:00  Huntington
8/14  Bricker Series 1,2,3  11:00am   Huntington

       *** Dinner on the Beach after the Race***

2021 Board of Directors

Commodore                                   Steen Skjellerup

Vice Commodore                           Jason Rinker

Rear Commodore                          Dan Lombardi

Secretary                                         Dave Keran

Treasurer                                         Julie Mattern

High Sierra Chairman                   Bob Comstock

Fleet Captain                                  Peter Reynaud

Millerton Lake Port Captain         Jorgen Clausen

Huntington Lake Port Captain    Nat Gildersleeve

Senior Staff Commodore             Vacant

Junior Staff Commodore              Daniel Irwin

A Selection of Class Starts from the 2nd
Weekend of the 2017 High Sierra Regatta