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Wet Wednesday Sunset

Sailing Anarchy has an article about the High Sierra Regatta and 111 year old Broad One Design boat that participated in the 2017 HSR.

Click Here to Read the Article

3 Generations of Hansens Race at 2017 HSR 
Jerry, Rod, Triston & Dillon raced their individual boats in the San Juan 21 class at this years High Sierra Regatta.  Rod in the Black Pearl was attempting to retain his title as the High Sierra Regatta champion for the San Juan 21 class, but Jerry being the old crafty guy got the best of him this time around.  Jerry and Rod finishing 1&2 in a competitive field is impressive.  Triston and Dillon are on the sailing learning curve that we all know so well, but with their Father and Grandfather to help them along the San Juan Fleet can expect to always have a Hansen to worry about.

Local TV Station Does a Story on Sailing Huntington Lake, the HSR and the Local Area 

Local KMPH sports reporter Nick King did a feature on Sailing on Huntington Lake and exploring the surrounding area.

Click Here to View the Report

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